Real Patient Testimonials

While using these products I was amazed at how soft and smooth my skin has become. I loved the fact that all the products were light and not oily on your skin.

Geneva A

Great Product! I would love to continue using it.

Teresa B.

I have received many complements on my skin since starting the products. My face feels moisturized all day. I love using the products and they don’t irritate my skin or my eyes. My makeup goes on smoother and stays on longer.

Kellie R.

I really liked the Day cream and Night Cream! The scents were wonderful. I have noticed a lot less wrinkles/ lines around the eye area and forehead. My skin is a lot smoother and my tone is brighter and healthier looking. I’m very pleased with all the products and feel and look healthier and younger.

Terri W.

My skin feels 100% better since using the skin care products. Dark spots have faded dramatically, skin texture is a lot smoother and softer,. My skin actually feels tighter. This would definitely be my skin care product choice. I actually got carded at age 46.

Kathy Y.

I really had a big change in my skin texture. Wrinkles are not as defined. My skin looks much healthier. This is the first time I enjoyed washing my face daily because of seeing the results these products have given me. I do not want to stop using this. Looking forward to having this all available to me and to tell others about it.

Kelly S.

I thought the products were very easy to use. They felt great on my skin. I didn’t mind going without makeup.

Brenda S.

The product had great results on my jaw line. After only three months there was a clear difference. The eye cream was excellent. It lightened the dark coloring around my eyes. After using the product for a few weeks, I became hooked on it. It truly made a difference for me.

Michelle S.

Made me feel good without makeup. Softer complexion. Serum felt good to put on.

Cathy S.

I am very pleased with my outcome. My dark circles and eyelids have almost vanished in the 12 weeks of using the products. My face feels very soft and smooth from use of the products. Thank you.

Michelle R.

The product I used in this study has truly made a difference in the look and feel of my skin and the lines that used to be there!!! I am thrilled to see the change.

Ellen N.

Worked great. I would purchase the line. Very mild.

Kelly D.

I am very pleased with the product line and thrilled with the results after months of use.

Sandra C.

The cleanser felt good to wash with and went a long way. The serum felt the amazing Seeing the results from 3 months ago was very encouraging – success.

Lynn M.

I am very pleased with the results of the skin care system. I have tried many different products over the last decade and found this system gave the best results of any I have ever used. I would recommend this product to my friends.

Jan H.

At about 7 weeks after using the skin care line the checker requested my ID to purchase a bottle of wine! When she looked at the birthdate she said ‘Oh my’.

Jan H.

Within the first few weeks I could tell a noticeable difference in my pore size. My skin feels softer and healthier.

Zedena S.

I saw an improvement in overall skin texture and fine lines. I would continue to use the products.

Cindy N.

I saw a huge improvement in the moisture of my face and neck area.

Sherry O.

As witnessed by the photos taken, I can see improvements beginning especially at my jaw line and around my crow’s feet area.

Terri M.

Saw good results in the eye area.

Cindy R.

My complexion feels so much healthier after looking at before and after pictures, you can see a real difference. I would definitely recommend the products to friends.

Tamera E.

After 12 weeks I have seen improvements in the wrinkles in my face. Will continue to use!

Deann G.

I really enjoyed using the products and have especially enjoyed the results. My skin is smoother and more evenly toned. The fine lines and the deeper lines are less noticeable. I will continue to use the products and recommend them to my friends.

Renee H.

I liked the smell, feel of each product on my skin. My favorites were the serum and eye cream. Very positive outcome, happy with results.

Tammy W.

Enjoyed using a product line that showed visible results, felt good and did not cause a reaction like past products.

Stacy K.

The biggest observation was the texture in my skin. Color in my face appeared brighter and lines started to become less noticeable. The skin care products went on smoothly and worked well together.

Lisa N.

I have enjoyed using the products and can definitely tell a difference. My skin feels healthier, softer and the products have made my complexion clearer and I have noticed a decrease in the fine lines especially around my eyes.

Stacy C.

Overall my skin seems to have a healthier feeling and look. I have noticed a lightening around my eyes.

Jill C.